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Application Cases

Petrochemical Industry
Client: Beijing Petroleum Machinery Co.
Product: 11G/3000psi and 15G/3000psi bladder accumulators
These two bladder accumulators are mainly used in blowout preventers of oil drilling platform, and they are characterized by large effective volume, perfectly meeting the requirements of the high-flow hydraulic system of blowout preventer.
Engineering Machinery
Client: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group
Product: 2.5G/3000psi bladder accumulator
This product is mainly used for the steering control system of concrete pump truck.
Mining Machinery
Client: Qinhuangdao Tianye Tolian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Product: 20L/31.5Mpa piston accumulator
This product is mainly used for the hydraulic auto-dumping system in off-highway dump truck (i.e. haul truck).
Metallurgical Industry
Client: Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation
Product: 10L/330bar, 20L/330bar, 32L/330bar and 50L/330bar bladder accumulators
These products are used for hydraulic control stations of automatic seamless steel tube production line, and they are featured by sensitive response and good compatibility, well meeting the requirements of different kinds of hydraulic control stations.
Special Equipment for National Defense Industry
Client: Taian Aerospace Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Product: 2.5L/210bar threaded diaphragm accumulator
Special vehicles for national defense industry are usually used to transport precision equipment, and the fierce vibration of the vehicle has great influence over the normal working of these devices. So, the hydraulic shockproof system should be extremely precise and sensitive.