ASME Piston Accumulator

Model Explanation

1. Product code: AP for ASME piston accumulator
2. Nominal inner diameter in mm
3. Nominal volume: G (gallon) is the default unit, and other units include CI (cubic inch) / PT (pint) / QT (quart)
4. Nominal pressure: ×100 psi
5. Connection type: N for NPT thread, S for SAE thread, M for metric thread, G for BSP thread, F for flange
6. Typical fluid: Y for hydraulic oil, R for emulsion, and H for water

For an ASME piston accumulator with inner diameter of 210mm, nominal pressure of 3000psi, nominal volume of 10 gallons, connection type of G2″ thread, working medium of hydraulic oil, it is expressed as AP210-10/30-G32-Y.


Structure Diagram

Please refer to HXQ piston accumulator for detailed dimensions.