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Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation

10L/330bar, 20L/330bar, 32L/330bar and 50L/330bar bladder accumulators

Why these products?
These products are used for hydraulic control stations of automatic seamless steel tube production line, and they are featured by sensitive response and good compatibility, well meeting the requirements of different kinds of hydraulic control stations.


Possible Problem
The bladder accumulators in a hydraulic control station are connected to each other by welding hydraulic pipes, so, oil leakage may take place at welding joints as a result of the high working pressure of hydraulic pipes.

1. Please improve the cleanliness of welding workshop, and remove the oxide skin of steel tube before welding.
2. Skill training courses are very necessary for welders to enhance their working skill.
3. Anti-corrosion treatment is recommended for the welding joints of hydraulic pipelines, such as painting a layer of 80μm anti rust paint or thicker.