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In petrochemical industry, bladder accumulator is commonly accepted by customers, while piston type and diaphragm type are rarely seen. Here is an application case of our bladder accumulator.

Beijing Petroleum Machinery Co.

11G/3000psi and 15G/3000psi bladder accumulators

Why these products?
These two bladder accumulators are mainly used in blowout preventers of oil drilling platform, and they are characterized by large effective volume, perfectly meeting the requirements of the high-flow hydraulic system of blowout preventer.


Possible Problem
The insufficient gas pressure inside bladder will make the bladder be compressed too hard by hydraulic oil, thus the bladder will be torn off. This is exactly what happened to the NBR bladder of 11G type.

Troubleshooting Process
1. After receiving customer,s feedback, our technicians will pay an on-site visit within 1 or 2 days to figure out the root cause. If the problem is proven to be caused by inferior product quality, we will replace it for free immediately.
2. If the problem is a result of user,s improper operation, we will deliver a training course on how to correctly use our accumulators, and customers should check regularly whether the gas pressure inside bladder is within allowable range. If the said gas pressure is too low, maybe the bladder has leak points or the gas valve is damaged, and a new bladder is recommended. However, if the said gas pressure is only slightly lower than the desired value, this means gas loss occurs during normal working process, and please recharge nitrogen in time.
3. Two weeks later, we will contact our customer through telephone to make sure that this problem is completely solved.