1. The accumulator combination is divided into two types. One is bladder accumulator combination, and the other is piston accumulator combination.
2. Our product is designed on the basis of requirements of hydraulic stations, such as working pressure, working condition, flow rate and other parameters, to ensure that it best suits our customer’s needs, and good compatibility is also guaranteed.
3. Compared with similar devices supplied by other manufacturers, our accumulator combination is ASME, CE and SELO certificated. Moreover, owing to the superb quality and performance, our production standard is taken as the Chinese national standard, and we are dominating this industry in China.

Technical Parameters

Nominal volume for single piece 50L, 100L, 120L
Nominal pressure for single piece 6.3Mpa, 10Mpa, 20Mpa, 31.5Mpa, 35Mpa
63Bar, 100Bar, 210Bar, 330Bar, 350Bar
275Psi, 500Psi, 913Psi, 1450Psi, 3000Psi, 3500Psi, 4500Psi, 5000Psi, 5500Psi, 6000Psi, 10000Psi
Fluid port connection Metric thread
N: NPT thread
S: SAE thread
G: BSP thread
F: Flange
Working medium Hydraulic oil, water, emulsion


Related Names
Hydraulic Power Pack | Fluid Accumulator | Energy Saving Hydraulic Unit