Bladder Accumulator

Brief Introduction
The bladder accumulator is comprised of pressure resistant shell, elastic bladder, gas valve, poppet valve, fluid port and other components. This product could be made into different sizes to fit for a number of hydraulic systems, and it shows some superb properties as listed below.

1. The bladder possesses small inertia, and it is very sensitive, making it suitable for pulsation dampening.
2. Gas leakage is not likely to occur, and the oil won’t come into contact with gas.
3. This product allows simple installation, easy maintenance as well as convenient gas charging process, and it only makes use of several accessories. So, it is the most commonly used type among all accumulators.
4. Compared with similar products supplied by our competitors, our bladder accumulator has gained a series of certificates, including ASME, CE, DNV, SELO, etc. These certificates indicate that our products could be sold in most countries and regions in the world, rather than in China only.


Technical Parameters

Nominal volume range 0.16-180L
Nominal pressure 6.3Mpa, 10Mpa, 20Mpa, 31.5Mpa, 35Mpa
63Bar, 100Bar, 210Bar, 330Bar, 350Bar
275Psi, 500Psi, 913Psi, 1450Psi, 3000Psi, 3500Psi, 4500Psi, 5000Psi, 5500Psi, 6000Psi, 10000Psi
Fluid port connection M: Metric thread
N: NPT thread
S: SAE thread
G: BSP thread
F: Flange
Working medium Hydraulic oil, water, emulsion


The most outstanding functions for a bladder accumulator are hydraulic shock absorption and pulsation dampening.

Here is a case for hydraulic shock absorption. In the aircraft refueling system, if the oil pump and control valve are turned off suddenly, the oil speed in the pipeline will change accordingly, leading to a dramatic change of the oil momentum. As a result, the pressure inside the pipeline increases or drops rapidly, and a loud banging resembling a hammering noise will be heard. This phenomenon is called water hammer or hydraulic shock, and it can result in pipe collapse and physical damage to other components. To avoid this, our product should be placed close to the water hammer source, and it works as a shock absorber to reduce shock to the end valve, thereby well protecting system components, particularly pipework, from potentially destructive forces.

Aside from this, our bladder accumulator also fits for mining machinery as well as equipment that is used to extract and deliver petroleum and natural gas to enhance the safety and reliability, and the said machines include mine hoist, hydraulic energy-storing workover rig, energy-saving hydraulic pumping unit with variable frequency control and closed oil circuit, etc.


Certificates and Partners
Our bladder accumulator mainly covers three types, which are

American standard type, European standard type and Chinese standard type
Our company passed ASME certification in 2001, and we have over ten years of experience in dealing with clients from North America, such as Parker Hannifin Corporation. In the year of 2002, our products gained PED/CE certificate, and have been exported to Europe since then, while FMC Technology, the global leader for energy industry, is one of our clients there. Six years later, we obtained the Manufacture License of Special Equipment (People’s Republic of China), and we have provided products and services for Beijing Petroleum Machinery Co., SANY Group, Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation, etc.


Ordering Details
Our customers are suggested to look up in the corresponding parameter list according to the practical application, and please offer relevant data to us including effective gas volume, working pressure, working medium, thread dimension for fluid port and gas port when making the order.


Related Names
Pressure Accumulator | Energy Storage Cylinder | Hydraulic Reservoir