Model Explanation

1. Model code
2. Pressure gauge range in Mpa: 25 (standard), 10, 40, 60
3. Connection adapter for accumulator: A, B, C, D, E, F, T (See Technical Parameters below)
4. Charging hose length in meter: 3 (standard), 6, 10

General Introduction
The CQJ hydraulic accumulator charging kit is mainly designed for pressure detection and pressurization process for accumulators. During pressurization process, the gas pressure inside nitrogen cylinder must be higher than the final value that is required by the accumulator. In addition, this product should work together with industrial nitrogen cylinder or nitrogen charging device.


The standard type accumulator charging kit is mainly composed of storage case, pressure gauge, bleed valve, 3-meter-long hose, connection adapters for nitrogen cylinder, a set of spare gaskets, non-return valve that is connected to hose and charging valve body, ring nut used to connect charging valve body and accumulator gas valve, etc.


Technical Parameters

Max. working pressure Accumulator connection (code) Pressure gauge Applicable accumulator
10/25/40/60Mpa M27×1.5 (A) Φ63 connection, M14×1.5 Diaphragm type
M28×1.5 (B) Diaphragm type
M14×1.5 (C) Chinese standard bladder type
8V1 (7.7×0.794) (D) Bladder/piston type
5/8″-18 UNF (E) Bladder type
7/8″-14 UNF (F) Bladder type
TR (7/8″ UNF) (T) Bladder type


1. When selecting pressure gauge, its measuring range should be 1.5 times of the working pressure.
2. Only nitrogen is allowed to be filled into the bladder. If air or oxygen is used, explosion may occur.


Related Names
Nitrogen Pressure Regulator | Charging and Gauging Unit | Accumulator Assembly