Model Explanation

1. Model code for charging kit
2. Pressure gauge range in Mpa: 25 (standard), 10, 40, 60
3. Charging hose length in meter: 3 (standard), 6, 10
4. Connection to gas bottle: G0 means conforming to Chinese National Standards, and can be omitted
5. Storage case (could be omitted): K0 means case for charging unit and repair tools, while K1 means case for charging unit only.

General Introduction
The FPU hydraulic accumulator charging kit a versatile product that is applicable for different kinds of accumulators, including bladder type, piston type and diaphragm type. It is used to charge nitrogen, or detect or adjust the gas pressure. The connection adapters for inflation valves have several choices, such as 7/8-14 UNF, 5/8-18 UNF, 8V1, M28×1.5, M27×1.5, M16×2 and M14×1.5.

During working, the charging head should be directly connected to the accumulator valve, and the flexible charging hose is used to connect this product to nitrogen source. Then, rotate the central spindle counterclockwise to open the gas valve of accumulator to adjust gas pressure. Please be noted that if the gas pressure is only to be detected or reduced, this hose is not necessary.


This accumulator charging kit consists of several parts which are valve body (with M28×1.5 internal thread), central spindle, non-return valve, bleed valve, pressure gauge, charging hose and various kinds of connection adapters (from A1 to A6).


Operation Guide
1. Before detecting or adjusting gas pressure with this charging kit, please disconnect the accumulator from attached hydraulic system, and the working medium inside the accumulator should be discharged completely.
2. During inflation process, the gas pressure inside nitrogen cylinder must be high enough to meet inflation requirements. Or, a pressure boosting device is needed.
3. As requested by relevant safety regulations, the nitrogen source must have a nitrogen purity of over 99.8%.
4. The M28×1.5 internal thread on the valve body is designed for diaphragm accumulator only. For bladder or piston type, the operator just needs to connect corresponding adapter to the valve body.
5. After the charging head is screwed onto the accumulator gas valve and the bleed valve is closed, please rotate the hexagonal socket-head screw counterclockwise to open the gas valve.
6. Please open the bleed valve carefully to release nitrogen into the air.
7. It is strictly prohibited to fill air or oxygen into the accumulator. Otherwise, serious explosion will occur.


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