Model Explanation

1. Product code: BMFC means hydraulic oil filter vehicle
2. Number of filtration stage
3. Flow rate in L/min
4. Max. particle size in μm
5. Motor power in kW
6. Voltage in volt


General Introduction
In hydraulic systems, nearly 90% of failures are caused by improper cleanliness of working medium, namely the hydraulic oil. Given this, our technicians take advantage of their years of experience in studying relevant cases to successfully develop this BMFC hydraulic oil filter vehicle, perfectly improving hydraulic oil quality and lowering failure rate.

Our products are divided into 3-stage type and 5-stage type, and they are characterized by compact structure, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, high filtration precision (NAS 6), etc.


Operation Guide
1. The motor should rotate in positive direction.
2. After working for some time, the fine filter element will be blocked by contaminants, resulting in higher pressure. When the second-stage pressure is over 0.35Mpa or the first-stage pressure is over 0.70Mpa, the filter element needs to be cleaned or replaced. In addition, the handle of pressure relay is adjustable.
3. Under the condition that loud noise is generated or oil suction process is not smooth when oil pump works, please change the filter element with a new one.


Related Names
Mobile Oil Filtration Device | Hydraulic Filter Cart | Precision Fluid Filter