Model Explanation

1. Product code: MNC means mobile nitrogen charging unit
2. Pressure grade: 25Mpa, 35Mpa, 42Mpa
3. Reversing method: Pilot operated hydraulic control


Brief Introduction
As indicated by its name, the mobile nitrogen charging unit is especially designed to fill nitrogen gas into bladder accumulator, piston accumulator, diaphragm accumulator and other high pressure vessels. Our product has a maximum charging pressure of 42Mpa, and it shows the advantage of simple operation as well as excellent mobility.


Working Principle
This nitrogen charging unit mainly consists of hydraulic devices, pneumatic devices and electrical devices. When fluid under pressure flows into the pressurizing unit (i.e. piston accumulator) via directional control valve, the piston will be driven by the fluid to move upward or downward, thus compressing nitrogen gas inside the upper or lower chamber of pressurizing unit. Then, the pressurized nitrogen is filled into accumulator or other high pressure vessel through a non-return valve. The piston moves in a reciprocating way until desired gas pressure is achieved.


Technical Parameters

Model MNC-25P MNC-35P MNC-42P
Inlet pressure (Mpa) 3~13.5 3~13.5 3~13.5
Max. charging pressure (Mpa) 25 35 42
Working pressure for oil pump (Mpa) 7 7 7
Max. flow rate for oil pump (L/min) 16 16 16
Pressurizing ratio 1:6 1:6 1:7
Pressurizing frequency (times/min) 8 8 7
Overall dimensions (mm) 1364×1058×650 1364×1058×650 1364×1058×650
Weight (kg) 258 258 268


Related Names
Accumulator Charging Cart | Liquid Nitrogen Generator | Portable Nitrogen Charger