Model Explanation

1. Product code: NB refers to back-up nitrogen gas bottle
2. Structure: S for single nozzle, D for dual nozzle, and N means no nozzle
3. Outer diameter of bottle in mm
4. Nominal volume in litter or gallon
5. Nominal pressure in Mpa or psi
6. Connection type

If one nitrogen gas bottle possesses outer diameter of 219mm, nominal volume of 20L, working pressure of 330bar, it is expressed as NBS 219-50L-330bar-N.



Nominal volume (L) Nominal pressure (Bar) A/B ΦC (mm) L (mm) Weight (kg) Part No.
20 330 M12×1.5
G 1/4″
G 3/4″
G 1″
G 2″
219 702 39 BGY219330020
30 1030 55 BGY219330030
50 1667 87 BGY219330050
75 2280 116 BGY219330075


Related Names
Nitrogen Tank | Nitrogen Cylinder | Compressed Gas Bottle