Piston Accumulator

Brief Introduction
As the name implies, our piston accumulator uses a piston to separate gas and fluid, and a sealing system is applied between the piston and the internal surface of the cylinder. This product shows the advantage of long service life and superior compatibility with ambient temperatures, but it is not very sensitive which makes it not applicable for pulsation dampening.

The piston accumulator is especially suitable to serve as auxiliary oil supplier and emergency back-up.

1. Auxiliary Oil Supplier
For metallurgical industry, the hydraulic steel rolling machine in a rolling mill relies on the power and hydraulic oil supplied by the hydraulic pump, and then the hydraulic cylinder is driven to work. However, under most conditions, the steel rolling machine runs under a higher burden when compared with its design capability, and this is intended to increase its output capacity. Thus, the hydraulic cylinder requires more hydraulic oil for the same time period which means that the hydraulic pump must work under overloaded condition for a long time, leading to high internal temperature and easy damage to the pump. Meanwhile, the hydraulic oil that is delivered by the pump has a higher temperature as well, and this will result in fast ageing problems for pipelines and sealing elements, thereby leakage is more likely to occur.

Considering this, our piston accumulator is highly recommended, because it can supply oil for the entire system to alleviate the burden of hydraulic pump. As a result, the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pipeline and other components will be able to work for a longer time, indicating that the production cost is reduced and economic benefit is enhanced.

2. Emergency Back-Up
Under normal circumstances, our product could store a part of pressure, namely, energy. If power supply is suddenly cut off, the hydraulic pump, hydraulic transmission system, valve and other components will be at abnormal working positions because of the power failure. However, as an emergency back-up device, this piston accumulator will supply enough pressure to make them return to the safe positions, thus protecting the equipment from being damaged.


The production standard for our range of product has been recognized as the Enterprise Standard by China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels. This was the earliest Enterprise Standard for Piston Accumulator Industry in China that approved by the Committee.


Technical Parameters

Nominal volume range 0.1-160L
Nominal pressure 10Mpa, 20Mpa, 31.5Mpa, 35Mpa
210Bar, 330Bar, 350Bar
3000Psi, 3500Psi, 5000Psi
Fluid port connection Metric thread
N: NPT thread
S: SAE thread
G: BSP thread
Gas valve 1/2-20 UNF
Working medium Hydraulic oil, water, emulsion


Certificates and Partners
Our piston accumulator contains three types, which are

American standard type, European standard type and Chinese standard type
Our products have been exported to many countries in North America since gaining ASME certificate in 2001, and we have built up stable cooperative relationships with many customers, such as Parker Hannifin Corporation. After passing PED/CE certification in 2002, our products are available for European clients, including FMC Technology and more. On the other hand, we obtained the Manufacture License of Special Equipment in 2008, and our products are widely accepted by a variety of domestic companies, such as SANY Group, Beijing Petroleum Machinery Co., Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation, etc.


Ordering Details
Based on the actual demands, our customers should check details in the parameter list, and please remember to provide us with effective gas volume, working pressure, working medium, thread dimension for fluid port and gas port as well as other information in order to get a prompt response.


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