Welded diaphragm accumulator

The diaphragm accumulator is constructed by combining two hemispherical shells together, and a rubber diaphragm is set between these two halves to separate gas and fluid. Our product shows an extremely small weight to volume ratio, and it is very sensitive. So, it can offer remarkable performance when dampening pulsation in low pressure hydraulic lines. Meanwhile, the rubber diaphragm has a small area, which means gas expansion is limited. As a result, the gas precharge pressure couldn’t be too high, and the effective volume is not too big.


As shown in the above pictures, this diaphragm accumulator could be divided into two types which are welded type and threaded type. The welded version is featured by low cost, and the advanced high frequency electric beam welding machine realizes narrower and smoother welding seam, greatly improving product quality and appearance. However, the threaded version is repairable, and its diaphragm could be replaced. Thus, it could be used repeatedly.


With simple structure, this product is convenient for installation. It is famous for its pulsation dampening performance, and here are two cases. This product is famous for its pulsation dampening performance, and here are two cases.

1. In wind power generation industry, the yaw brake is a hydraulic control system with multi actuating mechanisms. As we know, the start up of hydraulic pump may get delayed sometimes, and the system pressure will drop when one actuating mechanism starts, leading to the reduction of braking torque of the mechanical brake. So, braking effect is deteriorated. If a sensitive diaphragm accumulator is installed, the pressure fluctuation for the entire system will be reduced to a large extent, thus ensuring the normal working state of the yaw brake.

2. Aside from the above, this product is also widely accepted by different parts of engineering or mining machinery, such as drive and suspension systems of a forklift, hydraulic systems of yard cranes and stone crushers, etc. When these machines are working, drastic mechanical vibration will be generated, and our diaphragm accumulator is used to effectively absorb the pressure fluctuation that is caused by mechanical vibration. In this way, the pipes and other parts of the hydraulic system will be well protected from damage, resulting in a prolonged service life for the equipment.


Technical Parameters

Nominal volume range 0.16-10L
Nominal pressure 10Mpa, 21Mpa, 31.5Mpa
100Bar, 210Bar, 330Bar, 350Bar
Fluid port connection Metric thread
N: NPT thread
S: SAE thread
G: BSP thread
Gas valve M28×1.5
Working medium Hydraulic oil, water, emulsion


Model Explanation

1. Code: GXQ stands for diaphragm accumulator conforming to Chinese national standard
2. Structure: Type A/B/C
3. Nominal volume in liter
4. Nominal pressure in Mpa
5. Connection type: M for metric thread, G for BSP thread, N for NPT thread, S for SAE thread
6. Working media: Y for hydraulic oil, R for emulsion, H for water

For example, for a diaphragm accumulator that is characterized by 10Mpa nominal pressure, 1.6L nominal volume, type A structure, metric thread connection and working medium of water, it should be named as GXQ A-1.6/10-M-H.



                 Type A                                                                       Type C


Table 1: Type A with Nominal Pressure of 6.3/10/20/31.5Mpa

Nominal volume (L) Max flow rate (L/min) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
d0 d1 d2 d3 d4 H n-M
0.4 60 M27×1.5 M18×1.5 100 120 130 166 2-M6 4
0.63 95 M22×1.5 120 135 150 160 4-M8 6.3
1 139 155 170 176 5
1.6 150 M27×2 160 170 190 202 7.85
2.5 172 192 208 215 12.1


Table 2: Type C with Nominal Pressure of 6.3/10/21Mpa

Nominal volume (L) Max flow rate (L/min) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
d0 d1 d2 d3 H1 H2 H
0.32 1.6 M28×1.5 3/4-16 UNF 93 23 21 137 1.3
0.6 115 172 3.3
0.75 121 168 2.8
1 136 181 3.6
1.4 145 194 3.9
2 2.5 1 1/16-12 UNF 160 211 4.0
2.8 167 271 8.2


Ordering Details
We could provide customers with various diaphragm accumulators, and please look up in the parameter list to determine the desired parameters including nominal volume, working pressure, working medium, thread dimensions for gas port and fluid port, etc.


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