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Why Us

1. R&D Team
Buccma Accumulator is trying to become a world-class one-stop supplier of accumulators that could be used in different hydraulic systems. So, we employ many engineers specialized in hydraulic drive and control, including 11 bachelor degree graduates, 5 master degree graduates and 2 individuals with doctoral degrees. This top ranking technical team allows us to design and manufacture a variety of accumulators, shells and bladders.

2. Quality Control
Our company strictly conforms to ISO 9001 Quality Management System to carry out quality control measures and training courses. For example, when selecting raw materials, we would make comparisons among major domestic steel tube suppliers, and 2 or 3 of them are finally listed as potential candidates. Then, we will visit these candidates for an on-site inspection, and bring their samples and corresponding datasheets back to our factory for further chemical analysis as well as professional mechanical property test. The involved equipment includes hardness tester, fatigue testing machine, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle inspection machine, etc.

3. Certificate
We are the only Chinese manufacturer that can design and produce accumulators in accordance with standards of different countries, and we are both ASME and PED/CE certificated. On the other hand, we are one member of several organizations, such as China Hydraulics Pneumatics and Seals Association (CHPSA), China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association (CPEIA), Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA), Hydraulics and Pneumatics Commission of Metallurgical Equipment Institute of the Chinese Society for Metals, etc.

4. Experience
Our company has many years of experience in designing and producing accumulators and other high pressure vessels, such as bladder accumulator, piston accumulator, diaphragm accumulator, bladder and many other accessories. Aside from these, we can also provide customers with hydraulic control system, graphite lubricant system, nitrogen blowing borax spraying deoxidization system, etc.